Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet App Reviews

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Game has glitches

Cute game but stupid glitches happen. Working a puzzle and one of the pieces needed just disappears! Now you can't complete the part or get the piece back. Waste of money. Edit- the programmer got back to me very quickly . I had to start over but he is going to make it so the game pieces can’t leave a smaller area ( in the next up date)

Hilarious! Wish they’d make more...

I loved this game!!! I wish they’d partner to make more of them!!


Enjoyable and funny point and click adventure reminiscent of the Monkey Island games and other classics. All of the “puzzles” made sense; I didn’t need to consult a walkthrough or use any hints. The voice acting is top notch. Plenty of humorous “inside” jokes/pop-culture references. (I especially appreciated the “Oh Brother” desk quote.) Well worth the two bucks I paid.

Loved it!

Reminded me of Broken Age. Tom Baker is brilliant.

Fantastic P & C adventure

Loved it. I’m an avid point n click and room escape fan. This game didn’t disappoint. I was stuck for awhile on one solution...felt so shelly when I realized what I’d forgotten, concha see.

What a wonderful game!

I did this one with my kids at night for a couple of weeks. We loved it, especially the humor and characters. The puzzles are very solvable as well. I wish we could play the precursor too! But alas, it is not available to us at this time.

Great IOS Adventure

Wonderful humor and fantastic voice acting coupled with good puzzles. I'm hoping this becomes a series.

Silly, Funny, and Good Length

Clever puzzles, great voice acting, good character animation

Really worth the money!

This game was hilarious and fun! Kept me busy with a good 4-10 hours of gameplay, I've paid more for shorter games that weren't anywhere near as good! It was challenging but not exasperating. Totally deserves all 5 stars

Kep deleting my reviews

I'll post a new one....5 stars for amazing game

Great characterization

Loved the humor in the dialogue and the characters were interesting. Tom Baker who played the doctor in Dr. Who lends his voice in this game. The game played well 90 percent of the time on my iPad, however I couldn't get past a glitch at the end which kinda created an anticlimax for the finish.I did have to check with a walk through to diagnose the problem. Overall I did enjoy playing this game. It was not too complicated and there were hints but not too much to ruin it for you. You still have to figure things out. Good one.

Very funny, but glitchy

The game itself is very enjoyable. Lines are hilarious. It's like a classic Sierra game. There is a problem with the save/load system though. Twice, I've saved multiple times as I've played through, only to discover upon my return that all of the saved games were gone. I'd love to keep playing, but I don't have enough free time to try to play through a third time.

Love it but gliching

Fun and intriguing.. but I can't get through chapter two and I have completed all of the mini challenges of that chapter :(

Game hangs after finishing chapter 2 when trying to load next chapter

The game is stuck with a white screen when trying to load chapter 3. Can't do anything else. Tried to restart from a saved point but still no luck.

Gem of a game

One of the top few point-and click adventure games I've found in the appStore. Funny dialogue, excellent voice-acting, and long gameplay. You can tell how much work went into this game, especially for the music/lyrics and character development.

Puns, puzzles, and pirates...

What more do you need? This game is a relatively easy puzzle game for experienced point-and-click gamers, yet it's tongue-in-cheek humor and quirky characters makes the game engrossing and enjoyable. The heroine, Nelly, is sassy and witty; completely charming. The voice acting is very good, made the game really come alive. I also enjoyed the songs - especially the one played during the credits. Quite cheeky. And if you're a lover of puns, like I am, you'll problees be giggling and chuckling your way throughout the game.

Loved it!

Good amount of humor, interesting puzzles/tasks. Would love a sequel or another adventure.

Point and Click Nirvana

This game is the standard to which all point and click game should aspire!!

So much fun!!!

Hilarious, challenging and beautiful graphics. This game took me a couple days to beat and I was so sad when it ended. Worth the money. Buy this!!!!

Perfect Challenge

This adventure game has the perfect challenge level. Subtle hints that guide rather than give it away when you are stuck. With effort and thinking, all of the tasks are solvable without help. I enjoyed every moment of the game and could not put it down.

Smart, Funny, Well Designed Adventure Game

I played this in my iPhone 6s (even though I have an iPad) and it was very playable in term of size. It reminds me of Monkey Island, but original in its own right. The dialogue is very entertaining and the puzzles are fun. My suggestion to the designers, move the "?" icon somewhere easier to access. Also, is there not a way to play the same game on multiple iOS devices? I didn't see an option.

Great fun!

Awesome old school adventure game with fun puzzles, great graphics, and humorous dialogue. Highly recommend!

Awesome Game!

Absolutely loved playing this amazing adventure! Was very challenging and fun! I definitely recommend this game!

Sweet Jumpin' Monkeys!

Er, I mean...birds. Seriously, though, fans of point-and-click adventure games involving ridiculous amounts of lateral thinking and hilarious dialogue need to check this one out. It's everything we crazed LucasArts fans love about the genre, plus it has great voice acting and wonderful music. I know it kind of looks like a kids game...just ignore that. You'll be stuck in a puzzle in no time. But in a good way!

Funny and Lighthearted Puzzler

I am thoroughly enjoying this little charmer. The voiceovers are terrific, the dialogue is pretty funny, and the story is engaging. I wish there were hints-I do get stuck from time to time-but I am working my way through this and enjoying every single minute.

This game is adorable.

It's fun to navigate the various scenes and figure out what you're meant to do. The dialogue is cute and clever without being annoying, so the game is good for children or adults. I like that the lead is female and the game helps kids to think critically. Adorable, fun game!

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